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Toby Hines

Financial Planner

Toby owned and ran the Helston Advertiser for many years therefore bringing vast experience in business to Jacksons. Toby has smashed through his exams (he is very clever!) to become Advanced Diploma qualified within 2 years, a feat which takes normal humans anything up to five years.

This level of knowledge and focus has created an adviser with keen insight and willingness to pass this on to clients.

Toby likes to get into detail with clients, exploring the journey they wish to take. He can often be found exploring and researching to really get to the bottom of something.

Here’s Toby in his own words:

What fictional family would you most like to join?

The Addams Family! Who needs normal when you can live in a mansion with trap doors, secret passages, and a pet lion named Kitty?

Who is someone you admire, and why?

My grandad was a powerhouse of unwavering determination, a devoted family man who poured his heart and soul into everything he did and who left an indelible impact on me, shaping the person I am today.