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Sharon Bray

Practice Manager

For years, the directors of Jacksons were so busy with their client work, that the big plans they had never seemed to make it to fruition. Whenever this was talked about in board meetings, one name kept coming up – Sharon Bray.

Since joining Jacksons in September 2021, Sharon has taken the directors’ plans, added some of her own and helped guide the company in an exciting new direction. She has been the catalyst for setting the priorities for the second half-century of the company.

Her experience in every role of the process, from administration to advice, makes her uniquely able to see the big picture and identify bottlenecks and issues before they arise. She also has an incredible grasp of human nature and is able to get straight to the salient points in any discussion, no matter who she’s talking with.

She is able to do all this while maintaining a constant level of calm and poise which rubs off on the rest of us This is Sharon’s vibe – her favourite word – and it is having a huge impact on the company.

Here’s Sharon in her own words:

What would be your personal motto?

‘Your Vibe attracts your Tribe’. Throughout my lifetime I have surrounded myself with people that bring something good to your door. Everyone in the team knows I love a good vibe!

Does your car have a name? What is it?

It’s a campervan and it’s called Renegade, (it’s a Renault Master) so after the absolute tune that is ‘Back Once Again’ by Fatboy Slim.