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Tegen Montgomerie Lynch

Client Relationship Manager

Tegen gravitated toward Jacksons following a move home from London missing Cornish life. Having previously worked in the mortgage space, she brings with her tons of experience. Tegen has a creative mind and often helps with new ideas, visual stuff, and the workings of new processes.

Tegen has an inquisitive mind which lends itself to pushing boundaries and trying new things. Her lighthearted attitude to life is welcomed in a buzzing office.

Here’s Tegen in her own words:

On Sunday mornings you can usually find me…

Hunting down a delicious breakfast treat. Whether that’s something simple like a pastry (or two) or heading out for the millennial’s favourite squashed avocado on toast or eggs benedict - there’s nothing I love more than a scrumptious weekend breakfast.

What advice would you give a potential candidate wanting to join our amazing team?

Be yourself. We are a diverse and quirky team here at Jacksons. We all have different strengths, weaknesses and personal interests but celebrate them and work together wonderfully well, drawing on that pooled range of our individual skills to help raise each other up.