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Tom Wigan


With more than six years working in financial planning in London, Tom comes to Jacksons with tonnes of experience and qualifications. But most of all he is ready to embrace a change in his life and bring his skill set and motivation to JMFP to create something really special. 

Tom has a relaxed and calm aura that breathes openness and confidence. We were lucky enough to have loads of really interesting people to talk to when looking to hire a Paraplanner, but Tom shone through right from the get-go. We're delighted to have him on the team. 

Here’s Tom in his own words:

On Sunday mornings you can usually find me...

Training for my half marathon which is coming up. After our move to Cornwall, hopefully the answer will be spending time as a family on the beach (or in the sea!).

In another life, I'm pretty sure I was...

A pirate captain, sailing the high seas, drinking rum, searching for treasure, and causing mischief wherever the winds took me.

You can visit any fictional place – where would you pick?

It would have to be Hogwarts (secretly a huge fan!). Who wouldn’t want to go? You get to do magic, fly broomsticks, have encounters with magical creatures as well as having amazing feasts in the Great Hall!