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Zoe Burlton

Client Relationship Manager

We welcomed Zoe to Jacksons five years ago, and she came to us with loads of front of house experience. Zoe is a great listener; she works hard to give our clients the absolute best experience and has extraordinary attention to detail. Zoe’s gentle nature encourages our clients to really feel like part of the family.

Zoe has a very accepting mind, she loves the history and detail of things and she won’t mind us mentioning here, all things Disney!

Here’s Zoe in her own words:

You can visit any fictional time or place – where/what would you pick?

My childhood dream was to travel to Narnia - they were my favourite books growing up - to the point I was convinced my wardrobe would take me there one day and I had an emergency bag packed at the ready! Even now that is somewhere I would love to escape to and explore.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

I would love my superpower to be to time travel. I’m an absolute lover of History, which I studied at uni, and to visit the past and experience what it was like during Medieval times, the Victorian age and even the World Wars would be incredible.