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Paul Jackson

Financial Planner

Paul has the benefit of being born and brought up around the Sennen area, in addition to being with Jacksons since 2012, so he has exceptional local knowledge. Paul’s journey as an adviser started in HSBC giving him some invaluable experience and allowing him to build up some longstanding relationships with clients, some of which have been become multi-generational.

Paul can always be found in the team hub sharing funny stories, bringing people together. His energy is contagious and his loyalty and commitment to the team is instrumental.

Here’s Paul in his own words:

Do you have a hidden skill or talent that most people don’t know about?

For many years I played in Brass Bands with one of the greatest achievements being that in 2000 we qualified for National Finals which were for that year (the Millennium) held in the Royal Albert Hall. I had a solo and missed the last note and we came 2nd. The adjudicators’ remarks though did say the missed note was no reflection on coming 2nd!!!! Not so sure the other band members agreed!  

What would be your personal motto?

If a job is worth doing, do it well first time!