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It's time to meet Tom...

We have been waiting patiently to introduce you to Tom, our newest member of the team. 

As you might have seen previously, we started our search to find a new paraplanner to work with Elliot and Jacob late last year. We were lucky enough to have loads of really interesting people to talk to, but Tom shone through right from the get-go.

Jacksons journey is evolving at a pace. We know how important it is to bring the right people in to the team at the right time and had high hopes that we would find someone who would complete the paraplanning team (ahhh), step in Tom. I will let you find out more about Tom in a minute in his own words, but let me firstly say this, at the end of our initial chat I was left with a knowing feeling that we had found what we were looking for. Tom has a relaxed and calm aura that breathes openness and confidence. He comes with tons of experience and qualifications, but most of all he was ready to embrace a change in his life and bring all of his skill set and motivation to JMFP to create something really special. 

During our initial chat and throughout the process of getting to know him, it was clear that his aspirations line up with ours. His team and client work values align and he wants to be a part of our journey building process and becoming an integral member of the advice team. He is off to a flying start right in the thick of the advice and has instantly become one of the team. For now, Tom and his partner Julia along with Sofia and newest addition Luca are living in London but seeking a return to Cornwall later in the year. I am guessing somewhere close to the beach, as we hear he likes a surf or two!

Okay, time to meet Tom. Here he is in his own words:

Tell us a little of your early years?

Despite being born in Essex and never particularly skilled at sports (this is still the case!), my first surf lesson in 2005 was a pivotal point in my life. It was as if the ocean whispered secrets to my soul, and suddenly, I found myself falling head over heels (literally) for the sport.

Three years later, I embarked on a global adventure across five continents in a pilgrimage to chase the perfect wave!

Upon my return to the UK, I completed a degree in Business and Management, whilst imparting my knowledge of surfing as an instructor in the picturesque Cornish town of Polzeath.

My love for the sea then intertwined with duty—to protect, to serve, and to navigate uncharted waters, I decided to join the Royal Navy. 

What bought you to financial planning? / What do you enjoy most about the role?

Sadly, the Royal Navy didn’t work out as I had hoped so after a short stint I headed to London, where riding the tube had a different meaning. When I discovered financial planning, it instantly felt like I had found the career for me. A career that integrates a deep comprehension of the intricacies of personal financial situations with empowering families to navigate their financial paths toward achieving their life goals, which I find genuinely fulfilling. 

Why Jacksons, why the move?

After spending over six years in London, acquiring my qualifications and nurturing my career, I was now married, eagerly anticipating the arrival of our second child, Luca, and contemplating our future. My wife grew up on the northern coast of Spain and our profound love for the sea was calling. 

As fate would have it, if we were to return to Cornwall one day, there was only one company I aspired to work for, Jacksons! Early on in my career I came across Pete’s podcast. Having listened to every episode, I knew the values at Jacksons aligned with my values and what I wanted from a financial planning firm.

And then, serendipitously, the role of a paraplanner at Jacksons was advertised just as we contemplated leaving London. It was too good an opportunity to miss.

What are your future hopes and dreams?

One of the appeals for joining Jacksons is the opportunity to work within a high-growth and entrepreneurial firm. I am filled with enthusiasm at the thought of being an integral part of its growth trajectory in the forthcoming years and to help as many families as possible with their financial journeys. 

As financial planners, we possess invaluable knowledge that places us in a unique and advantageous position. It is my aspiration to utilise this expertise to benefit those who may not have the means to access financial advice or education.

How have you found it so far?

I am very much enjoying being part of the Jacksons team. Despite working remotely for the time being, everyone has been incredibly helpful, and the company culture is fantastic. While we are busy, there is no undue pressure levied on the team, and the four-day work week is a welcome bonus!

What happens now?

Tom has been with us for nearly five weeks. He is busy learning about our culture, how we interact with clients and providers, along with the work that goes on behind the scenes to provide our clients with the planning they need.  He has already made an impact on the team and has been very quick to pick up training and guidance from the team. I know Elliot and Jacob are appreciative of having someone new to support them and I am sure a new paraplanning name will materialise anytime now!

As we move forward, we are looking to change the way the paraplanning team work; evolve the processes we use and make sure we are providing easy to understand and engaging recommendations for our clients. We are excited for the paraplanning team to evolve how they want to work together moving forward, and having Tom’s experience added to the pot will bring a different dynamic, which we love!

As we were with Colleen, we are pretty pleased with ourselves in hiring Tom and are excited to see what Tom brings to Jacksons. This is a big move for him and his family, but we are here for him all the way. It won’t be long before that flexible working pattern and a Friday off turns into wave chasing!

Sharon Bray & Tom Wigan