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Always thinking beyond the boundaries

Some stuff you may not know about our CEO, Pete Matthew

Just under three years ago I jumped on a call with Pete to talk about a developing role at Jacksons. It’s a big step moving to a new role. I was definitely in a headspace that had me wanting more from my career, a need to be challenged and to work with someone who really wanted to do something different in the industry. I can tell you, within 5 seconds, I was in!

Pete really is the guy that comes across as someone you already know and someone that is really easy to talk to! His passion for education is infectious and his desire to say it as it is, so refreshing. Pete is open to any conversation that facilitates growth, whether as supporting our team members, our clients or the general population. 

As an owner of the business, a leader and an educator he is inspirational and is determined to carve his own path; I can honestly say I have never felt so empowered to lead a team with confidence. So let’s get down to the detail. What maybe don’t you know? Is he really that good? (He gets a lot of banter in the office about his Podcast and YouTube videos!)

We know you might already have an idea of who Pete is from the podcast and YouTube channel, but here he is in his own words:

Pete, what don’t we know about you?

I’m a tidy drummer, and I play keyboard.

I broke my thumb skiing when I was 18 and it’s looked like a spoon ever since.

I’m an introvert. Crowds of strangers exhaust me and sap all my energy. And yet I love people, so I do enjoy going to conferences and meeting new people, I just find it exhausting.

I have a terrible memory and rely on technology (and my wife) to remember things.

Jo and I were engaged within eight months of meeting and married six months after that. We’ve been married for 27 years this year.

I have a hormone deficiency which is mercifully fixed with medication. It always gets a laugh when I tell people I'm on HRT!

Where are you at right now?

I have a head full of stuff; my brain never really switches off, you know?

Right now, among other things, I’m thinking about my friend and co-director Chas Cox retiring, the building of our new offices, finishing writing my second book, and going to London next week.

Fortunately, I’m pretty good at compartmentalising things, which helps me sleep well!

What’s next for Meaningful Money and Jacksons?

I have such lofty goals for both businesses, but only so many hours of time and joules of energy to devote to them. And that means that both will need expanding, I think.

I’d like Meaningful Money to not just be about me. One of my models for the project is Dave Ramsey in the US, and he has expanded his show to bring in other presenters with their own shows – I like this idea. My girls are not interested in doing it, so maybe I need to bring in some of the good folks at Jacksons.

As far as Jacksons is concerned, as I transition away from directly advising clients, I want to focus on growing the company carefully and organically, while retaining the brilliant culture we have created. I want the company to attain B Corp and Certified Carbon Neutral status. And I want to leave it in great shape when I retire (not for at least ten years!) so that I never have to sell it – I’d like it to go on for another 50 years without being consolidated into some faceless national company that doesn't care about its clients.

What are you excited about?

All the above, but right now I’m really excited about seeing the musical Hamilton next week at the third time of trying. The first time was nixed by Covid, and the second time our train failed so we were four hours late getting to London and missed the performance. This time we're leaving enough time so we can walk to London if we have to!

What’s the most powerful lesson you have learnt in life so far?

The ability to think for ourselves is the most important skill to cultivate. In an increasingly polarised world, where opinions are handed to us on a plate by the media, and social media is just a weird echo chamber, we must learn how to challenge our own views, not just try and convince other people to join our side. I love being wrong about things because that’s an opportunity to grow and to learn. I really wish the education system focused on thinking and reasoning skills, and not on churning out nice obedient workers.

Also, don’t judge other people – you have no idea what they are going through. Just be kind.


Here at Jacksons we are so very grateful to have a leader who embodies all of the great qualities you'd want in a boss, or a friend for that matter. Jacksons is on an exciting journey right now. We're growing and learning all the time. Ten more years of Pete at the helm before thinking of retiring isn't nearly enough, but we're already excited to see what amazing things that he and the Jacksons team can achieve in that time.