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Unit Three - June 2024 Update

At last! We have some movement on the building project in our new offices.

We completed on the purchase of our new office space in October 2023 but it’s taken this long to get plans approved, builders lined up and everything ready to begin work. It took a few weeks just to decide on exactly the right bolts we need to fasten the mezzanine structure to the walls!

But in just under two weeks, the bulk of the mezzanine is in place and much of the wiring is in place. So we can see how the space is starting to take shape.

Upstairs will be a dedicated video studio for Meaningful Money and a meeting room, plus some storage. Underneath the mezzanine will be a kitchen, a shower/accessible toilet, a standard loo and a resource room for the photocopier and stationery stores.

The main space will then be the primary workspace with hotdesks, standing desks, Zoom booths and seating areas.

To the right of the main door will be two meeting rooms which can be converted into one larger conference room.

Even at this early stage, we can tell that Unit Three is going to be a brilliant new home for the Jacksons team – stay tuned for more updates!

by Pete Matthew