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Dot Life

You may have noticed that our website and email addresses are a little...different

There’s no .com or here or even a .net or .biz. Instead we opted for

What were we thinking?!

Previously, we were but we really wanted to get away from the connotations of wealth with the rebrand, focusing instead on people.

So when I (Pete M – CEO) was idly searching through web domains in my lunch hour a few weeks ago, I was open to pretty much anything.

As we’ve shortened our name to just Jacksons now, the usual domains were all taken, which meant we had an opportunity for creativity!

The bit after the dot in internet addresses is called the Top-Level Domain or TLD, and there are thousands available now.

Given that we wanted to get away from the whole wealth thing, we also quickly discounted .money or .finance.

You can get .accountant and .lawyer no problem, but .adviser or worse, .advisor with the American spelling – yuk! - were not an option.

So we reflected on all the work we’d done in our rebranding: that we loved working with people of all kinds, and that financial planning was about enabling our clients to live fulfilled lives, free of financial anxiety.

We want to help our clients live well and work with them over decades and across generations.

Jacksons for life. Jacksons dot life.