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Amy is back in the Jacksons hub!

She's back!!

We cannot believe that Amy (Hamish) has been away for almost 12 months getting to know little Nova! Amy is a bright light in the hub, using her experience and fun to make the job look super chilled. We missed her whilst she was away but knew how much she was looking forward to becoming a mum.

We are a team that love to feel all the feels and so celebrated Amy and Scott’s happy news. We have seen Nova loads over the last year (she actually made the cut on the website!) and whilst she is the image of Scott (Dad), she definitely has Amy’s cheeky smile!

Anyway, enough from me. Amy, over to you:

How has your life changed in the last 12 months?

Everybody says how much your life changes when you have a little one, but nothing can quite prepare you! Our life has completely changed. I feel like I have had to re-learn how to be a human, with a new tiny human in tow that demands everything from you! But she has been worth every second and we’re lucky that she is really chilled and has slotted into our life. We’ve still managed to spend a lot of time in our favourite place, Porthleven!

What does it feel like to be a Mum?

I feel like I’ve really stepped into who I am now I am a mum. It was something I wanted for such a long time and I feel incredibly lucky to have our little girl. It’s not to say it is without its hard times though, it is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and was a huge learning curve. The early days are a bit of a fog but watching her grow and seeing life through her little eyes is pure magic. 

How does it feel to be back?

I was really anxious to come back to work and adjust to working-mum life with Nova being in nursery. Now I am back and settled, I love it. I am really enjoying having some routine and actually using my brain in a challenging way. Everybody at Jacksons has been so super supportive and any initial worries I had melted away as soon as I was back in. 

Best bit about coming back?

A hot coffee (big thank you to Jacob who makes an incredible coffee on our fancy machine!) And being back as part of this wonderful team. Everyone here really is like extended family, so in all honestly it didn’t really feel like returning to work. 

Worst bit about coming back?

It seems pretty obvious but, leaving Nova. She is a trooper though and settled into nursery brilliantly so that has made life so much easier!

Was the maternity package, right? Did it support you in the right way?

The maternity package was incredible. The support it gave us as a family to really relax and enjoy the precious time with Nova without having to worry financially was a huge blessing. It is super rare to have such an amazing maternity package and feel extremely grateful we could still enjoy everything we wanted to whilst becoming parents.

What’s the funniest thing Nova has done recently?

She is the funniest little thing with a huge personality already (God help us!). She is learning to walk at the moment and insists on pushing her walker everywhere. Highly entertaining as she looks like a little drunk old person!

As a company with strong independent women working for us we wanted to make sure that our maternity package was right. Tegen was the first to trial the package with Amy then picking up the mantle. We were excited to be able to sit down and come up with something that was too good to not come back to. We want our team to have the time that they need with their new family members but always want to come back to work.

We are excited to have Amy back. She has already picked up all the changes we have made whilst she was away! As with all of our little ones in the Jacksons mini team we are keen to see Nova change and grow 😊

by Sharon Bray and Amy Murray