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Tom's Work Experience

We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Tom into the team

There's a real dearth of fresh talent entering the financial planning profession, and that's why we're keen to say yes when we're approached to offer work experience to local young people.

Tom introduces himself in the video and our CEO Pete Matthew asks some questions about what he learned during his short time with us. 

Part of the problem in attracting great people into the profession is perception. Those who don't know better have a pretty negative idea of what we do. Tom said he thought it was going to be boring! And many people still think we financial advisers are shiny-suited life insurance salespeople!

Hopefully having more many more bright young people like Tom join us at Jacksons for work experience will dispel this myth, one person at a time!

Thanks for joining us, Tom - it was great to have you with us and you asked some great questions. We wish you the very best with your future studies!