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Our New Home

This week, we completed on the purchase of our new office space on Wharf Road, Penzance - exciting times!

After a process that has taken - predictably - far longer than we'd hoped, we have completed on the purchase of our new office premises. There are so many benefits of this new space, compared with our current home in the Wharfside Centre.

Our current space is not built for offices - it lends itself far more to residential use, with corridors and stairs. Those staircases make for poor accessibility - there are three flights of stairs before you get to our Reception, no good if you have mobility issues

The new building is at ground level and is a blank canvas, so we can design it from scratch to serve our needs perfectly, factoring in our hybrid work patterns, our national reach and the need for production space for online video and audio content.

Unit Three (we need a better name - any ideas?) is situated right on the wharfside in Penzance, in a perfect spot for the train and bus stations, and the Harbour car park. Anyone heading for the Scillonian quay will need to walk past our door.

This visibility is something we've never enjoyed before, having always been at least on the first floor of any building we have occupied. We plan to make the most of being so visible - there will be some neon!

There is double-height glass to both outward elevations, providing plenty of light into the space. We plan to leave much of the space as double-height, with a mezzanine over about a third of the floor area.

With any luck, we'll be in for Easter 2024, but there's a ton of work to be done before then.

Our goal is to create an energy-efficient, calming space that serves Jacksons as a cool office space, but also can be used for financial literacy seminars and one-on-one debt counselling, serving the more disadvantaged people of the town.

We'll keep you posted here as the work continues...

Finally, here's directors Pete Matthew and Chas Cox with Practice Manager Sharon Bray celebrating the completion of the purchase with a cheap bottle of Prosecco!