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Jacksons Beach BBQ

Our first annual Jacksons’ Family Beach Barbecue was nothing short of a roaring success.

A bona fide vibe if ever there was one. And with the amount of prep and hard work our amazing practice manager Sharon and the team put into it, how could it not have been?

We nestled ourselves below the dunes, overlooking the Hayle estuary with soft, golden sand and a meticulously well-planned set-up that included Pete’s coveted Weber classic barbie, a massive trug of iced beverages, surrounded by cushions and patterned cotton blankets and completed with an array of striped windbreaks in an arc like an amphitheatre, looking out at the ocean over some highly competitive and entertaining performances of volleyball in the foreground.

Carm’s cannoli were a big hit with everyone and with some gourmet chefs on the team the barbecued food itself was better than a fancy gastropub’s summer menu. Jacob created heaven on a plate in the form of his rolled, stuffed, baked and beautiful porchetta complete with crispy crackling like you’ve never seen. And the veggies in the party didn’t miss out with an amazing spread of halloumi, roasted peppers and yummy burgers.

We were blessed with great weather, and it was wonderful to have everyone out enjoying some wholesome Jacksons family fun. The rounders set didn’t make it out of the bag for a long while owing to the popularity of the volleyball set Mark and his family brought along. Under Craig’s expert guidance the rounders game did eventually get off the ground. Paul and Leanne’s son Archie took home the trophy (3D printed and painted by our very own tech wizard TC) for rounders champion player due to his skill, focus and enthusiasm with Elliot reflecting that, ‘he really did leave it all out there on the field!’

We loved catching up with Amy – currently on mat leave – and Scott with their gorgeous new addition Nova, who was exceptionally well behaved and cuddled by many. It’s only a few weeks now until Elliot and Grace welcome their little girl who we are very excited to meet. Zoe and Steve couldn’t make it and were missed by all.

We left with sandy toes and high spirits and are already looking forward to the next event.