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Barn Dance

The Jacksons team held a barn dance at Redruth Cricket Club. It was a memorable event, especially with everyone fully embracing the theme. 

If you happened to wander into the Redruth Cricket Club last Friday, you would have found yourself transported into a lively barn dance – a spectacle of checked shirts, denim, and playful plaits. The air was filled with the twang of country tunes, courtesy of the talented folk ensemble, The Tinners Band.

The atmosphere was nothing short of charming, adorned with hand-made bunting that swayed gently in rhythm with the infectious melodies. Hay bales served as rustic seating, sitting alongside the dance floor and offering a cozy spot to enjoy the hilarity that ensued. The lines of foxes and badgers swirled hand-in-hand, not only around the room as instructed but went somewhat rogue and left the designated dance area for a tour of the bar before snaking back into prime dancing position.

The Jacksons team, true to our spirit, embraced the theme with gusto. Dressed in our barn dance best, we kicked up the dust on the dance floor. (I only noticed Elliot’s authentic suede cowboy boots toward the end of the evening, but they were stunning, and somewhat hilarious to see him wearing.)  Laughter echoed as Cha-Cha Chas attempted a demonstration of the dosey doe that had the whole team in stitches.

Tracey should be awarded a prize for the number of people she managed to pull on to the dance floor. Try as he might, Paul Woolgar’s attempts at pretending to be either taking an important phone call or having to use the loo eventually failed and we think he may have even secretly enjoyed the dancing in the end. 

We are all very grateful to Chas, Sharon and Pete for putting on the event and also to Demi, Zoe, and Tracey who put a lot of effort in to planning and preparing for the event – taking care of co-ordinating pasty orders, baking decadent chocolate brownies and scones (with jam and cream of course, in that order) and decorating the space fantastically well. Demi’s husband Craig who is a member of Redruth Cricket Club and got us in the door seemed to be everywhere, behind the bar serving drinks, on the dance floor boogieing away and helping out wherever he could to ensure the evening ran smoothly. Big thanks to you too Craig and to the club itself! Hayley and Dave’s dog Harry was exceptionally well behaved and dressed in a checked bow-tie. He took great pride in his role as head of the clean-up committee and hoovered up any stray pasty crumbs dropped to the floor with joy.  

Can we dwell on the pasties themselves for just a moment? Everyone in Cornwall surely has a favourite pasty. Well, we in the Jacksons office certainly have our own personal favourite pasty places. There’s been much talk over the years of where makes a good pasty and some outbursts of abject horror when a much-loved pasty by one is denounced and despised by another. Chacewater Bakery provided the pasties for the barn dance and they were unanimously loved by all. Not only were they rather large (not complaining here) but absolutely, lip-smackingly delicious!

As the night unfolded, it became clear that this wasn't just a typical work event; it was a celebration of shared joy. The dance floor became a stage for genuine connections, with colleagues letting loose and creating memories that would linger long after the barn dance concluded.

The evening wasn't just about dancing and delightful treats; it was a testament to the unity and spirit of the Jacksons team. Much like the varied plants in the office, each team member brought their unique flair to the event, contributing to a tapestry of shared experiences.

So, as we danced the night away, we built upon our camaraderie and unity, creating memories that would add a further a touch of warmth and joy to the Jacksons workspace.